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Currently On Display

The Art of Natural History

January 29–March 15, 2015

Trident Gallery is pleased to announce The Art of Natural History, an exhibition reprising last year's winter partnership with the Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon in Canton, Massachusetts, the home of Mass Audubon's remarkable collection of art. Last year's evolving, trans-discipline Winter Meditations exhibition brought over thirty works of art from the Museum for display at Trident Gallery alongside selected works by gallery artists. Each work of art from the Museum's collection depicted a bird species that can be seen on Cape Ann in the winter, a principle of selection inspired by the annual Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend in early February, a three-day festival sponsored by Mass Audubon in partnership with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

This year's exhibition will display eight exquisitely detailed watercolor paintings by Robert Verity Clem (1933–2010) from the Museum’s collection of over thirty. Six of Clem’s paintings were part of Winter Meditations, including two never before seen in public. Trident Gallery donated frames in order to display them. This year’s selection of eight includes the Northern Shrike shown last year and a new painting never seen before in public, a gouache of Sanderlings also painted in the late 1960s and sharing the minimalist aesthetic of Northern Shrike. Here is one heartfelt tribute to Clem which gives some idea of his reputation among natural history artists. Also on display from the Museum's collection will be four small sculptures by Larry Barth (b. 1957). Larry Barth is considered by many to be the preeminent contemporary bird sculptor. A brief bio is here.

The highlight of last year's loan was a group of six magnificent double elephant folio prints by John James Audubon, and about fifty guests attended ornithologist and Gloucester resident Chris Leahy's fascinating talk at the gallery on Audubon's life and art. He will be giving a longer version of this talk at the Sawyer Free Library near Trident Gallery on Tuesday, January 27th.

As the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend grows and, united with two events in Newburyport the weeks before and after, becomes as we hope a 16-day-long celebration of winter bird life on the North Shore, I look forward to making an annual winter tradition of partnering with Mass Audubon to put on an art exhibition and programming at Trident Gallery which focus on natural history.

This year again, by popular demand, artist Sandy McDermott will lead a drawing workshop on Drawing at Trident Gallery on drawing wildlife from nature 1–3pm Friday, Feburary 27th.   See below for more information

And once again, complementing the Museum's collection within Trident Gallery will be works of art for sale: a selection of meticulous and fascinating drawings and new photography by Charlie Carroll, watercolors of birds by Marion Hall, and drawings by Gabrielle Barzaghi and Susan Erony.

Director Matthew Swift has curated The Art of Natural History with two organizing ideas. The first is Charles Darwin's famous closing paragraph of On The Origin of Species, in which the figure of an “entangled bank” testifies eloquently to the extraordinary complexity and interdependency of the natural world:

It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us. These laws, taken in the largest sense, being Growth with Reproduction; Inheritance which is almost implied by reproduction; Variability from the indirect and direct action of the external conditions of life, and from use and disuse; a Ratio of Increase so high as to lead to a Struggle for Life, and as a consequence to Natural Selection, entailing Divergence of Character and the Extinction of less-improved forms. Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows. There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.

The second organizing idea is for the art in the exhibition to straddle the boundary between documentation and interpretation of the natural world, between dispassionate observation and emotional responses (such as seeing “grandeur in this view of life”), between rationality and human desires. What first appears to be a boundary is on closer inspection a zone, a liminal territory in which all that we may discover reveals something essential about human nature—the territory in common of art, theology, and science.

The Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend has been postponed to February 27 – March 1.
The workshop “Drawing Wildlife from Nature” is consequently postponed to Friday, February 27.

John James Audubon's Life and Art, by Chris Leahy, Sawyer Free Library
POSTPONED to Tuesday, February 24, 7:00pm or 7:30pm TBD, snow date Thursday, February 26
Please see the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend site for full details.
Drawing Wildlife from Nature, with Sandy McDermott
POSTPONED to Friday, February 27, 1:00–3:00pm
Please see the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend site for full details and instructions for registering.
The comprehensive Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend web site at includes a complete schedule for the Weekend and listings of many events of related interest occurring in the North Shore region between Friday, January 23 and Sundary, February 8.

Selected Works in the Exhibition


Recently Concluded

Lynn Swigart: Favorites
November 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015

Favorites brings together a selection of twenty-two black-and-white and five color photographs which are among the artist’s favorites from his distinguished career.

Lynn Swigart’s photographs offer visual delight without sentimentality or pretension. His eye for abstract beauty does not submerge but instead completes and elevates the human reality of the scene. This vision gives us works of art in which solitude and communion become united and indistinguishable, moments of contact between permanence and impermanence. “You, too, have this marvelous world passing before you,” say these photographs — a cherubic face with an infectious smile, a boy’s joyful stride with a balloon, a moon discovered in a metal tank, a cobbler at work, a turn on an empty carousel.

Lynn Swigart was born in Kansas City MO in 1930 and spent his youth in Clinton IL. He began working as a professional photographer in 1951 and has studied with photographers Minor White, George Tice, and Gus Kayafas. He began photographing in Gloucester in 1976 as he began work on a project that resulted in the book Olson’s Gloucester (LSU Press, 1980) and an associated exhibition which toured the country. Swigart’s photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States, and his work has been collected by prestigious institutions, including the Center for Creative Photography, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, the Stanford University Museum, the Illinois State Museum, and the Cape Ann Museum.

Opening Reception with the artist
Friday, November 28, 5–7pm

Slideshow of prints currently in the Gallery. Most are on display. They are silver gelatin prints, and a few color chromogenic prints.


About Trident

Trident Gallery represents contemporary artists on historic Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and is a gateway to the contemporary art of the region, serving clients who are starting or building collections.

Every five weeks, the gallery presents a new exhibition of contemporary art from Cape Ann, enhanced by presentations and discussions. Selected inventory by represented artists is always available to view in the gallery, and more extensive inventory by appointment.

Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift curates and produces the exhibitions and inventory of Trident Gallery, drawing on academic expertise and four generations of involvement in Cape Ann art.

The Trident Live Art Series presents performances by seasoned professionals showing experimental and collaborative work in the intimate salon setting of the gallery.

Live Art Series Director Sarah Slifer Swift curates and produces the performance series, drawing on two decades of experience in the United States and abroad as a dance artist, choreographer, and producer.

Through ambitious and discerning programming, Trident Gallery is a leader of the vital arts scene on Cape Ann and a primary place to engage with the region’s rich artistic legacy and continuing importance.

Trident Gallery is located in a purpose-built space within the elegant Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust building of 1880 in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester and the Harbortown Cultural District. At the back of the spacious main gallery are a library and a small gallery within a former bank vault.

About Cape Ann

The rugged and beautiful region of Cape Ann has attracted great artists for more than a century and a half. Gloucester was called the art capital of the United States in 1925, and although that heyday has passed, something about this island has continued to captivate generation after generation of painters, writers, musicians, sculptors, artisans, playwrights, and dancers. It may be the birds in the marsh or the distant surf in the granite teeth. It may be the people who welcome the eccentric and find strangers worth talking to. Or it may be an effect of the calm and furious sea. We don't know, but vital art springs repeatedly from this rocky coast.

Today, as in the past, a large community of artists thrives here, sustained and guided by a keen sense of place, by connections to each other, and by the long tradition of artistic excellence on Cape Ann.

Works of art with meaningful connections to Cape Ann take diverse forms. Some depict or transform scenes of the region; others are profoundly rooted in the artist's experiences of Cape Ann's towns, landscapes, and sea horizons, and its vibrant matrix of interwoven communities.


Biographical information, Director's introductions, and selections of available work by gallery artists will be on the Trident site soon. Meanwhile, for further information, please follow links to artists' web sites where available, and inquire at the gallery regarding available work.


represented artists
Gabrielle Barzaghidrawings Zygmund Jankowski1925–2009paintings
Nadine Boughtondigital collages Ruth Mordecaipaintings, collages, monotypes
Winston Swift Boyerphotographs Eileen Muellerpaintings
Charlie Carrolldrawings, watercolors, photographs Joe Poirierpaintings
Susan Eronypaintings, mixed media paintings Patti Sullivanpaintings
Dennis Flavinpaintings, drawings Lynn Swigartphotographs
Pamela Ellis Hawkesphotographs, alternative process photographs Ed Touchettepaintings, drawings


featured artists

Albert Alcalay 1917–2008paintings, drawings, prints Nell Blaine1922–1996paintings, drawings, prints
Roger Martinb. 1925paintings, collages, prints


Information on the current and just-concluded exhibitions are above at the top.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Boston Print Fair

Boston Print Fair
March 26–29, 2015
The Boston Print Fair section of the show offers opportunities for collectors to acquire affordable, original fine prints, drawings, photography, watercolors and other works on paper from some of the leading fine print galleries, contemporary print publishers and artists

Past Exhibitions

Eileen Mueller

Eileen Mueller: Muses
October 10 – November 9, 2014

Trident Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Eileen Mueller’s recent oil paintings of the landscapes and sea vistas of Cape Ann, which add a fresh, intimate, and modern chapter to the continuing story of American art told on Cape Ann since the mid-nineteenth century.

Mueller has lived and painted on Cape Ann for more than twenty-five years: she has inhabited its places of beauty, discovered its enclaves, studied its legendary light, and found creative sustenance as a devoted and valued member of its cultural institutions. The native muses of stone and sea, the landscape and its people, provide her subject matter; and native muses inspire her painting style.

The exhibition Muses reveals the consequences of a turning point in Mueller's work when, five years ago, restless, she began to shed the prevailing idioms of Cape Ann painting, liberating passion and talent for expressiveness and abstraction. Her recent work enlarges the legacies of the region’s modernist stars: in her new paintings are the monumental forms of Marsden Hartley, the abstract energy of Nell Blaine, the astonishing freedom of Zygmund Jankowski’s brush, and the glowing details of contemporary impressionism, all expounded with a balanced intimacy of contact between perceiving subject and perceived object which is uniquely her own.

Mueller has studied at deCordova Museum, Montserrat College of Art, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her paintings have been shown widely in New England and New York and have been collected by the Cape Ann Museum and other prestigious institutions. She is a Copley Artist in the Copley Society of Art and a member of the North Shore Arts Association.

Artist's Reception
Saturday, October 18, 5–7pm

Works in the Exhibition


Boston International Fine Art Show

November 13–16, 2014
Trident Gallery will be in booth #39 at the Eighteenth Annual Boston International Fine Art Show at the Cyclorama in Boston.
Gala Preview
Thursday, November 13, 5:30–8:30pm
Show and Sale
Friday, November 14, 1–8pm
Saturday, November 15, 11–8pm
Sunday, November 16, 11–5pm

Susan Erony

Susan Erony: Review
September 5 – October 5, 2014

Trident Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Susan Erony’s art of testimony, remembrance, and affirmation of the human capacity for good and evil.

Erony’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and throughout North America, and has been collected by leading institutions and private collectors.

Review reintroduces collectors and the public to the artist’s disciplined and forceful body of work from 1993 to the present, and to her themes of inhumanity and displacement, the solace and refuge of art, and the interplay of innocence, knowing, and not wanting to know.

In her most recent work, Erony continues to employ unusual and freighted materials in mixed media constructions — cement, seaweed, silk, lead, rust, and burned paper — and haunting images of her own eyes become potent emblems of a moral witness.

Every piece Erony makes is a profoundly thoughtful artistic statement.  Review includes The Zimas,” a large-scale oil portrait of a Polish family murdered by the Nazis; “Promised Land,” a mixed media painting incorporating the lining of a coat belonging to her father, who came to the United States as a refugee from anti-Semitic violence in Ukraine; and “Listening Ritual,”a mixed media painting embedded with thousands of pieces of steel shot, individually glued.

“I believe that art can save the world,” states Susan Erony. “I expect still in my heart that if one sees a great painting that one will become enlightened, and that’s what keeps me going.”

Artist's Reception
Saturday, September 13, 5–7pm
The public is invited to a reception with the artist celebrating the exhibition.
Discussion with the Artist
Sunday, September 21, 5–6pm
The public is invited to attend and to join a discussion with artist Susan Erony about her work.


Exhibition materials available online:

Works in the Exhibition


Ruth Mordecai

Ruth Mordecai: New Works on Paper

August 1 – September 1, 2014


“Mordecai paints with a physicality that made me want to close my eyes and run my hands over her art.”

   — from the review by Cate McQuaid in the Boston Globe, August 20.


"Several large works dominate the room, but large or small, every one carries the sense of masterful construction."

   — from the review by Keith Powers in the Cape Ann Beacon, August 7.


“As seen across several media comprising this exhibition, Ruth Mordecai’s creative accomplishment is enormous,” said Judith Tolnick Champa, Editor-at-Large, Art New England. “She never ceases to explore.”

   — from a contributed review by Judith Tolnick Champa, Editor-at-large, Art New England.


Trident Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings, collages, and monotypes on paper by Ruth Mordecai.

In Ruth Mordecai’s works on paper, most often black and white paint or collage defines sculptural forms, and added lines expand the work into pictorial space, exploring memory and spiritual resonance through cultural symbols such as apples, baskets, and ladders. Color is spare but prominent.

Mordecai takes up philosophical and religious questions through a visual exploration of shared symbols. Her works on paper embody exquisite sculptural tensions of gravity and balance, or else are sculptural forms imbued with the movement of painterly gesture. Her love for the human form and for our spiritual relationships to shared symbols endow her work with depth and warmth.

Mordecai describes her process as “the stacking of various images that over the years have become the iconography of the work: Jacob’s Ladder, the moon, apples, an ancient sun, a horizon line, a basket or wagon or figures in dance.” Ruth Mordecai earned a BFA and MFA from Boston University College of Fine Arts. For twenty-five years she made sculpture and painted in Boston’s Fort Point District. For the last fifteen years, she has painted in a studio on Rocky Neck in Gloucester.

Ruth Mordecai has shown in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC, and her art is in prestigious collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel); the Rose Art Museum; and the Wiggin Prints and Drawings Collection of the Boston Public Library. She is represented in Boston by Soprafina Gallery and in Gloucester by Trident Gallery.

Meet the Artist
Saturday, August 2, 5–7pm
Ruth Mordecai will be at Trident Gallery available for conversation.
Artist's Reception
Saturday, August 9, 5–7pm
Public reception for the artist. Food, drink, and conversation.
Discussion with the Artist
Sunday, August 17, 5–6pm
Ruth Mordecai will lead a discussion of her work.

Group Exhibition

Harbortown 2014
July 3 – July 27, 2014

Trident Gallery is pleased to present Harbortown 2014, an exhibition celebrating Gloucester Harbor and the area’s legacy of more than 150 years of excellence in the visual arts.

Harbortown 2014 proudly displays works of art by eighteen Cape Ann artists, including four guest artists and introducing Gloucester artist Ed Touchette, now represented by Trident Gallery.  Complementing the exhibition, specially selected additional works of art by these artists will be available to view in the gallery on request.

“I want this exhibition to invite us to look at Gloucester, the city which grew up around a harbor on this rocky extremity of Massachusetts,” says Gallery Director Matthew Swift.  “Gloucester has been a port city for four centuries.  Recently, downtown embraced a new name for itself, Harbortown, when it received state recognition as a cultural district.  What does this say about who we are today?”

“Living by the sea in Gloucester, we see horizons, grand perspectives that offer more than can be understood, giving us a way — a salty, tempestuous way — to think about the twin horizons of the past and the future.  We came from the sea long ago, most of us as immigrants, all of us much earlier as walking fish; and in another few centuries, our city at the edge of the continent may be back under the sea.”

This exhibition is about these ideas and others — it is about what some of today's artists here are thinking about and saying.”

Gloucester Harbor is America's oldest seaport.

Trident Gallery is located in the heart of downtown Gloucester and the Harbortown Cultural District.

Artists' Reception and Unveiling
Saturday, July 12, 5–7pm, during the first Downtown Gloucester Art Walk.
During the reception at 6pm, artist Shep Abbott will unveil his hand-painted 8' x 8' mural map of Gloucester Harbor, entitled “Le Beau Port” and accurately representing Gloucester Harbor and all adjacent buildings and facilities.
Works in the Exhibition

Dennis Flavin

Dennis Flavin: Figures
May 30 – June 29, 2014

Trident Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of figure paintings and drawings by Dennis Flavin. New and recent works on canvas and paper are displayed with earlier paintings illuminating Flavin’s path from realism to abstraction into the uninhibited and confident expressive style which has earned him notice and acclaim.

After training at Vesper George School of Art and the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art, Flavin painted on Cape Ann for nearly four decades before his first public exhibition in 2012, which resulted in immediate attention from curators: a solo exhibition at the Cape Ann Museum followed in 2013, and subsequently his work has been shown at Trident Gallery.

In Flavin’s best work from the 1980s and 1990s, strong colors and forms, gauzy layers, and nightmarish distortions threaten to subdue realism. Flavin experienced a breakthrough in 2007 when he began to paint “completely from [his] mind, not looking at anything other than [his] canvas.” The freedom was exhilarating, and making art became an increasingly intense experience. In this creative trance, Flavin and his creation mutually transform each other. Neither has independence, and there is no intermediating scene between the artist’s creative engagement with memory, composition, color, and form, and his sensory engagement with the art surface. “When you paint,” says Flavin, “you have to have emotional feeling, you have to take risks, … you can’t hold back.”

The new direction led Flavin at first into purely abstract paintings and then toward figure paintings possessing an exalted energy and expressiveness which his foray into abstraction seems to have uncorked.

The signature of Flavin’s evolving style is a riotous abundance of color, which creates meaning and honors the subject by attesting with nuanced craftsmanship to its inner complexity. Likewise, there is more than sensual richness in Flavin’s thickly layered oil and pastel medium, which corresponds to a history of evolving versions of the figure, layers of experience that have built up a unique personality and work of art.

Artist's Reception
Saturday, June 7, 6–8pm
Conversation with the Artist
Sunday, June 15, 5–6pm
Works in the Exhibition

Zygmund Jankowski

Zygmund Jankowski: A Celebration of Life
April 25 – May 26, 2014

Trident Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of exceptional and historically important oil and watercolor paintings from the estate of Zygmund Jankowski (1925–2009). Jankowski was a dedicated and innovative painter, a colorful and generous personality, and a loved and respected teacher on Cape Ann from the 1970s till his death in 2009. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and he is one of the most important artists of his time in the Cape Ann tradition, influential both as a painter and as the colleague and teacher of a generation of artists.

The exhibition coincides with the release on May 3d of a book on the artist, having nearly 100 pages and as many images, presented with the artist's words from published and personal sources, and with remembrances and commentary by friends, colleagues, and students.

Reception and Book Launch Party: Saturday, May 3, 5–7pm
“Remembering Zyg” with Charles Movalli, Ron Straka, JoAnn Gleason, and Ingrid Swanson: Saturday, May 10, 5–6:30pm




Zygmund Jankowski Exhibition Poster
21" x 21", $23.53 + $5 to mail within USA
Book Zygmund Jankowski (96pp., 9" x 12")
$40.00 + $5 to mail within USA
click image for PDF sample
To purchase multiple posters or books, please contact the gallery directly.

Pamela Ellis Hawkes

Pale Shadows: Cameraless Images by Pamela Ellis Hawkes
March 21 – April 20, 2014
Trident Gallery's first one-artist exhibition begins on the first day of spring, 2014, with the work of this innovative Rockport photographer in both modern and early photographic media.

Winter Meditations

Winter Meditations
January 17 – March 16, 2014
Winter Meditations is a trans-discipline, evolving, multi-media art experience—an exhibition of visual art and a coordinated series of performances evolving with the season from mid-winter into spring. Four phases explore four facets of the season of winter: Stillness, Observation, Longing, and Persephone’s Return.
Winter Meditations Exhibition Poster
featuring photograph “Sea Smoke, Gloucester, 1978” by Winston Swift Boyer
21.5" x 22.5", $23.53 + $5 to mail within USA
For multiple posters, please contact the gallery directly.

“The cycle of seasons is deeply imprinted in human consciousness; it matters to everyone and has meaning for all. The idea behind Winter Meditations is to remind ourselves how engaging with art deepens our experience of life by drawing forth our own creativity. Good art has the power to enlarge our views, develop our sensibilities, and fuel our spiritual journeys, but viewing art becomes a dry exercise if we lose touch with the experience of art as a creative act itself. I want to mount an exhibition which emphasizes the pleasure and creativity in the viewer’s experience of art, rather than the goal of grasping the artist’s unique gifts and vision, which though important can distract us from the reasons we value the hard work of artists so highly in the first place; the reasons we choose to bring art into our homes, schools, and workplaces; the deep, human reasons why stories, images, movement, and music matter.”

—Matthew Swift, Director


From Friday, January 24th, through Sunday, March 2d, Trident Gallery is proud to host a loan from the Massachusetts Audubon Museum of American Bird Art of more than 30 prints, paintings, and miniature sculptures by the renowned and important artists John James Audubon, Milton Avery, Andy Warhol, Allen James King, Robert Verity Clem, Lars Jonsson, and others. All the works of art depict bird species present on Cape Ann in winter, and their exhibition constitutes a new extension to the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend (Friday–Sunday, 31 January – 2 February) a festival which celebrates the winter bird life of Cape Ann, especially those Arctic species rarely encountered farther south. Sponsored by Mass Audubon and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the event draws several hundred participants to hear expert presentations and embark on bus tours and a boat trip to see the birds. A birding guide for the event in past years, Director Swift has this year orchestrated the festival’s new art component at Trident Gallery.


Works of art by Gabrielle Barzaghi, Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, Susan Erony, Dennis Flavin, Eileen Mueller, Joe Poirier, and Lynn Swigart will be on display during the entirety of Winter Meditations. In the final phase, Persephone's Return, additional works of art by these and other Trident Gallery artists will take the place of the departing Mass Audubon winter bird art.


The following events are free and open to the public. Space is limited for the workshop and performance events. Guests may reserve seats by contacting the gallery no later than 24 hours before an event at 978-491-7785 or by e-mail at Please claim reserved seats no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Scheduled events are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  Please check the web site or call the gallery shortly before an event to confirm its status, especially when winter weather seems likely to impede travel.


evokes the contemplative stillness of winter

Performance: Then it seemed beautiful
Friday, January 17th, 7:30–8:15pm
The premiere of a dance performance directed by choreographer Sarah Slifer Swift and performed by herself and others, Morton Feldman's vocal composition Three Voices, a piece written for singer Joan La Barbara featuring the opening two lines from Frank O'Hara's poem to the composer "Wind": "Who'd have thought / that snow falls." La Barbara writes, "one is suddenly propelled into the storm from the infinite stillness of intricate chords." Reservation recommended. On Friday, January 17th, the gallery will be open 10am-5pm for previews as final touches are put on the exhibition. Doors will open again at 7:00 pm for the performance at 7:30pm.

honors the skill and habit of close observation of life shared alike by artists and naturalists

Opening Reception: "Arctic Life"
Saturday January 25th, 5pm–7pm
Celebrate winter wildlife and the arrival of the Mass Audubon winter bird art, and enjoy food and drink from Alchemy Tapas and Bistro and Cape Pond Ice with Trident Gallery artists and Mass Audubon staff.and meet Museum staff and Gallery artists. No reservation needed.
Workshop: "Drawing Birds and Wildlife from Nature"
31 January 1pm–3pm

Artist Sandy McDermott will lead off the Winter Birding Weekend with a workshop at Trident Gallery on the close observation and field sketching of birds and other wildlife.

No prior drawing experience is necessary. Free. Reservation required.

Live animals of any type can be a challenging subject to draw. Birds especially are constantly moving.  How does one attempt to render them?  Observation is key. Come to this workshop and learn how to combine fast sketching with quick observation! You will learn how important it is to keep your eye on the subject, not your paper. You will also learn how to focus on parts of a bird first, rather than the whole portrait.  Basic avian anatomy and topography will be discussed.  Weather depending, we’ll step outside to draw from life.  Photographs and mounted specimens will also be used.
Workshop plan: Orientation (15m), Drawing and observation exercises (45m), Avian anatomy (20m), Sketching outdoors, weather permitting, otherwise from photos (20m), Discussion and review (20m).

Please bring with you (1) a 9"x12" or larger sketchpad (newsprint pads not recommended), (2) drawing pencils (4B, 2B, F, and 2H as a suggestion), (3) black permanent or felt-tipped pen, (4) a white eraser, and (5) a kneaded eraser.  If you have any questions about supplies please call or email the gallery.

Poetry Reading: Brendan Galvin
Saturday, February 8th, 5pm–7pm.

Trident Gallery is delighted to present a reading by acclaimed poet Brendan Galvin, a Guggenheim Fellow and the author of sixteen collections of poetry, including Habitat: New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 (2005, LSU Press), a National Book Award finalist, and Whirl is King: Poems from a Life List (2008, LSU Press), a collection of his poems about birds. Reservation recommended.

Critical Praise for Brendan Galvin
"Few living poets are as memorable in their descriptions of the goings-on in the non-man-manufactured world."

-- The New York Times Book Review


"Over the past four decades, in an era deeply suspicious of the relationship between language and external reality, Brendan Galvin has been quietly reminding us that the best poetry can deepen our understanding of the natural world and of each other."

-- National Book Award statement

"Brendan Galvin is an essential presence in contemporary American poetry."

-- Tar River Poetry

"If future literary historians wish to demonstrate an excellent late-twentieth-century non-formalist who writes directly and accessibly, let Galvin be their example....More toughminded than most of his peers, Galvin is also far less predictable."

-- X.J. Kennedy, Shenandoah: The Washington & Lee University Review

"Brendan Galvin has an exciting gift for finding the unexpected word that proves miraculously perfect in its setting."

-- The Atlantic Monthly


About Brendan Galvin

Brendan Galvin is the author of sixteen collections of poems. Habitat: New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 was a finalist for the National Book Award. Ocean Effects appeared in fall, 2007. His translation of Sophocles' Women of Trachis appeared in the Penn Greek Drama Series in 1998. Whirl Is King appeared from in 2008. The Air's Accomplices, a collection of new poems, is forthcoming from LSU Press.


His awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, two NEA fellowships, the Sotheby Prize of the Arvon Foundation (England), the Iowa Poetry Prize, and Poetry's Levinson Prize, as well as the first OB Hardison, Jr., Poetry Prize from the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Charity Randall Citation from the International Poetry Forum, the Sewanee Review's Aiken Taylor Award in Modern American Poetry, and the Boatwright Prize from Shenandoah.


He has published over 500 poems in magazines, textbooks and anthologies, including 21 poems in The New Yorker.  His fiction, critical reviews, and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications including Crazy Horse, Laurel Review, Ploughshares, Northwest Review, and Poet Lore.


He has been Wyndham Robertson Visiting Writer in Residence in the MA program at Hollins University, Coal Royalty Distinguished Writer in Residence in the MFA program at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, visiting writer at Connecticut College, and Whichard chairholder in the Humanities at East Carolina University.


He grew up in the Boston area and lives in Truro, Massachusetts, a small town on outer Cape Cod.


dwells on loss, desire for change, the inevitability of change, hope for spring’s renewal, and the bonds with others which the pressures of winter’s deprivations renew

Poetry Reading: Rufus Collinson
Friday, February 14th, 5pm–6pm.

Trident Gallery warmly welcomes Rufus Collinson, Poet Laureate of Gloucester, who will give a poetry reading marking the beginning of "Longing." Reservation recommended.

Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson has worked as a journalist, photographer, bookkeeper and turkey farmer.  Two books of her poetry have been published by Folly Cove Books, Turning the Stones (1997) and Traveling to You (2008). A paper flyer is also available, and a jpg like the one below but with venue information suitable to email to your friends.

Poetry Reading: David Rich
Saturday, February 22d, 5pm–6pm.

Trident Gallery is very pleased to host a poetry reading by editor, scholar, and poet David Rich. Reservation recommended. A paper flyer is also available, and a jpg like the one below but with venue information suitable to email to your friends.


Gallery Talk: "Winter Birding with John James Audubon"
Saturday, March 1st, 5pm–6pm

Naturalist Chris Leahy is a charismatic and popular speaker as well as a noted author and editor. Raised in Marblehead and a resident of Gloucester since the 1970s, Leahy will speak particularly about the birds of Cape Ann as he adapts a talk he has been giving at the exhibition "Audubon’s Birds, Audubon’s Words," at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the forty works of bird art currently at Trident Gallery.

Leahy’s interests in natural history are comprehensive, and he is a recognized authority on birds and insects; he holds the Gerard A. Bertrand Chair of Natural History and Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon; he has led natural history explorations to over 70 countries on all of the continents; he is the author of The Birdwatcher’s Companion to North American Birdlife (1,072 pp), Birds of Mongolia (forthcoming), The Nature of Massachusetts, The First Guide to Insects, “A Guide to Winter Birding on Cape Ann,” and other publications.

The talk will last about an hour. No reservation needed. Chris will move around the gallery. Some folding chairs will be provided. A flyer is available in PDF and JPG formats.


Persephone's Return

celebrates the sure signs of spring which appear in early March

Performance: All Over Again
Sunday, March 9th, 5pm–6pm

An evening of music and dance performance heralds the return of spring and again unites the visual and performing arts, marking the beginning of "Persephone's Return." Multi-instrumentalist composers Nathan Cohen and Anthony Leva explore sonic geographies and genres. Dancers Olivier Besson and Chandra Cantor improvise duets with poetic intimacy, striking clarity, and dynamic surprise.

Seating is limited. Reservation strongly recommended:, 978-491-7785, or respond to the Facebook event. A flyer is available in PDF and JPG formats.

Walls of Plenty

Walls of Plenty

November 29 – January 5, 2014


A cornucopia of art to feed the soul. On the centerpiece, new abstract pastels by Dennis Flavin and a new series of Bass Rocks oil paintings by Patti Sullivan. Filling out the feast, modest morsels and substantial sides by eleven other gallery artists — Gabrielle Barzaghi, Nadine Boughton, Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, Susan Erony, Pamela Ellis Hawkes, Zygmund Jankowski, Ruth Mordecai, Eileen Mueller, Joe Poirier, and Lynn Swigart.

First come, first served. Bring your intellectual appetite, moral cravings, and spiritual hunger, and find satisfaction in art, which may be taken home immediately to nourish families, invigorate infants, and revitalize the elderly. Art is wholesome and recommended for all living, loving beings.

Art may be taken home when purchased; walls will be replenished.

Three Artists in Dialogue with the Past

Three Artists in Dialogue with the Past: Gabrielle Barzaghi, Nadine Boughton, and Susan Erony



Three Artists in Dialogue with the Past is an exhibition of works by three contemporary artists who engage the imagery and ideas of the mid-twentieth century and of earlier eras.  Working each in a different medium, they create and critique images and narratives of the past, both imagined and historical, drawing viewers into worlds that are strange yet feel familiar, or look familiar yet feel strange.   As viewers, we are led into dialogues with ourselves and with history as we confront anew the power of stories and images to shape our perceptions and convictions.

The title of Gabrielle Barzaghi’s major new work “How to Stay Alive in the Woods,” a grid of 15 drawings, refers to a wilderness survival manual published in 1956.  Her “Paleolithic Picnic” is a series of nine drawings illuminating a world that is dim, primeval, and as familiar as a myth.

Nadine Boughton stitches together imagery from the popular magazines of 1945–1965 into witty and trenchant digital collages that blend nostalgia for the past with the darkness beneath the pleasures of modern living.  Her series of eight collages titled “The Pleasures of Modern Living” is displayed in the Vault Room at Trident Gallery.

Susan Erony’s painting “The History of Eugenics, Part I” is a copy of an eighteenth-century drawing by Dutch anatomist Petrus Camper showing a “progression” from ape to ideal human.  Her work prompts solemn consideration of the perils of transplanting ideas between cultures, of our appetite for reason and order, and of both the powers and the limitations of visual images.

Home: The Inaugural Exhibition

"Home: The Inaugural Exhibition"

twelve artists representing the excellence and variety of contemporary fine art on Cape Ann

Friday, August 30, 2013 – through – Monday, October 14, 2013

Artists: Albert Alcalay, Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, Susan Erony, Dennis Flavin, Pamela Ellis Hawkes, Zygmund Jankowski, Ruth Mordecai, Eileen Mueller, Joe Poirier, Patti Sullivan, Lynn Swigart.

Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift has assembled 39 works of art that explore ideas of “home,” a theme he will examine in programmed discussions, gallery conversations, and written materials.


Home is a point of departure and a place of return.
Home is the place of one’s dwelling or nurturing — Gloucester, Cape Ann, the United States, the planet Earth.
Home is the seat of one’s domestic life and overlapping communities; it is a place of safety and comfort.
Home is a target, the destination of a creative mind striving to think, to forge meaning, to provoke, to pay homage, to become beautiful.


Upcoming Events

Friday, February 27, 1–3pm
Drawing Wildlife from Nature
Please click here for the full description.

Past Events

Saturday, January 31, 7:30pm.
Trident Live Art Series Performance: Stone Stairway Stories

Stone Stairway Stories is a performance piece by Carl Thomsen (dance) and Julie Cleveland (digital piano), which continues Thomsen’s decades-long exploration of the interface between dance, music, and storytelling. In this performance, the storytelling will come from the audience: the dance and music will reflect and respond to the experiences and memories of the audience, elicited through a series of questions, answers, gestures, and movements offered by those in attendance.

Carl Thomsen was the Artistic Director of Dancers Courageous Inc., a dance and theater company and school in Gloucester from 1995–2005. His previous shows have included Clear Away (1998), which told the story of a fisherman lost at sea and the subsequent healing of the community; Gift of Vision (2001), which looked at the life and times of Gloucester painter Fitz Henry Lane; and Silent Men Speaking (2006), a powerful look at the lives of three Vietnam veterans’ lives before, during, and after the war. Thomsen, after 35 years in theater and dance, is now a remodeling contractor but continues to do his own theatrical work. He also made his “legitimate” theater debut last year with Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe. He has three sons and lives in Essex.

Julie Cleveland is a pianist, teacher, and composer, trained in both classical and jazz piano and composition. As a free improviser, she’s been especially influenced by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. Lately she’s been improvising on pieces from Bartók’s Mikrokosmos and is undergoing the somewhat daunting task of learning the piano solo of Mahler’s Adagietto, written for string orchestra and harp, on synth. She also plays the melodica and is working on tangos by Piazzolla and Gardel. Julie is a private piano and music instructor, teaching both kids and adults out of her downtown Gloucester studio ( She’s grateful to the Trident Live Art Series for the opportunity to collaborate with Carl on Stone Stairway Stories.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please see the Live Art Series section for further information.


Friday, November 28, 5–7pm

Opening Reception: Lynn Swigart: Favorites


Saturday, November 22, 7:30pm
Trident Live Art Series Performance: Dance in Dialogue

Part I: Kate Tarlow Morgan, dance and storytelling.
Part II: Sarah Slifer Swift and Loren Doucette, dance and painting.

Light refreshments and conversation to follow performance.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please see the Live Art Series section for further information.

Thursday, November 13, 5:30–8:30pm

Gala Preview of Boston International Fine Art Show (in Boston)


Friday, November 14, 1–8pm
Saturday, November 15, 11–8pm
Sunday, November 16, 11–5pm

Boston International Fine Art Show (in Boston)


Saturday, November 8, 7:30pm

Finding Vivian Maier

As part of the 7th Annual Cape Ann Film Festival, and in anticipation of the Lynn Swigart: Faviorites exhibition, Trident Gallery will host a showing of the film Finding Vivian Maier, a 90-minute documentary film about street photographer Vivian Maier.

Cape Ann Community Cinema passes and tickets purchased in advance are preferred, but all forms of payment will also be taken at the door, $10.50. Students and 60+ $9.

Saturday, October 18, 5–7pm
Artist's Reception for Eileen Mueller: Muses
The public is invited to a reception with the artist celebrating the exhibition.
Saturday, September 13, 5–7pm
Artist's Reception for Susan Erony: Review
The public is invited to a reception with the artist celebrating the exhibition.
Sunday, August 17, 5–6pm
Ruth Mordecai: Discussion with the Artist
Ruth Mordecai will lead a discussion of her work.

Sunday, August 17, 8pm

Trident Live Art Series presents

A dance-media performance in collaboration with the internet, by dancer and performance artist Vincent Cacialano, visiting from the UK.

Light refreshments and conversation to follow performance.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please see the Live Art Series section for further information.


Saturday, August 9, 5–7pm

Artist's Reception for Ruth Mordecai: New Works on Paper


Saturday, August 2, 5–7pm

Ruth Mordecai: Meet the Artist


Saturday, July 12, 5–7pm, during the first Downtown Gloucester Art Walk.
Harbortown 2014 Artists' Reception and Unveiling

During the reception at 6pm, artist Shep Abbott will unveil his hand-painted 8' x 8' mural map of Gloucester Harbor, entitled “Le Beau Port” and accurately representing Gloucester Harbor and all adjacent buildings and facilities.


Sunday, June 15, 5–6pm

Dennis Flavin: Conversation with the Artist


Saturday, June 7, 6–8pm
Artist's Reception for Dennis Flavin


Saturday, May 24, 5pm

Trident Live Art Series

Cellist, singer, and composer Kristen Miller will play a set of her lush and original work, and dancer Junichi Fukuda will present his solo “Eclosion.”

A performance surprise is also in store.

Light refreshments and conversation to follow performance.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please see the Live Art Series section for further information.

Saturday, May 10, 5–6:30pm
"Remembering Zyg" with Charles Movalli, Ron Straka, Joann Gleason, and Ingrid Swanson.

Four articulate, interesting speakers who knew Zygmund Jankowski


Saturday, May 3d, 5–7pm
Reception and Book Launch Party for Zygmund Jankowski: A Celebration of Life


Sunday, April 6th, 5pm
Trident Live Art Series: Antennae


Emily Beattie and Brian Knoth present an interactive dance and sound performance at Trident Gallery.

Sensors detecting Emily's movement drive the production of sounds through a system developed by Knoth. Space becomes an instrument that Emily can play, bending sound with her body. The dancer negotiates a compilation of interactive, recorded, and live sounds, exploring what it might look like to decipher noise through the body, searching for a solid signal.


Saturday, March 29th, 5pm–7pm
Artist's Reception for Pale Shadows: Cameraless Images by Pamela Ellis Hawkes


January 17th – March 9th
Eight events in eight weeks were held as part of the trans-discipline exhibiton Winter Meditations.


Saturday, December 14th, 3:30–5pm

Open House, with the three other galleries of the Pleasant & Main Art Zone, during the Middle Street Walk prior to the Annual Lobster Trap Tree Lighting at Police Station Plaza. (For the flyer and schedule, follow the link and see the Facebook photos.)


All four galleries will have refreshments. Visit all four to collect the pieces to assemble your very own Plesant & Main Art Zone Art Cube! It's an ornament, an earring, a cube of chance, a miniature art gallery, and more!


Friday, November 29th (Black Friday), 5pm–7pm

Opening Reception for Walls of Plenty

When you come, check out the grand opening of Trident Gallery's new neighbor, Blue River Diamonds, open 6am–6pm that day.


Saturday, November 2d, 5pm

Panel Discussion with the Artists of Three Artists in Dialogue with the Past


Friday, October 18th, 4pm–8pm

Opening Reception for Three Artists in Dialogue with the Past


Saturday afternoon events associated with Home: The Inaugural Exhibition focus on artists featured in the exhibition. Prepared remarks of 30–45 minutes will be followed by discussion and light refreshments. Additional works of art by the subjects will be on display during each event.


Saturday, September 21st, 5pm
"Home, Safety, and Art"
Presenters Matthew Swift and Susan Erony will speak on the work of artists Albert Alcalay and Susan Erony. Both Alcalay and Erony's father emigrated to the United States to escape persecution. Additional works of art by Alcalay and Erony will be on display.

Saturday, September 28th, 5pm
"Perspectives on Cape Ann"
Remarks and discussion on the diverse representations of Cape Ann by painter Joe Poirier and photographers Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, and Lynn Swigart. Additional works by these artists will be on display. Presenters to be determined.

Saturday, October 5th, 5pm
Paths to Abstraction
Gallery Director Matthew Swift and artists Dennis Flavin and Ruth Mordecai offer remarks and discussion on abstraction in the careers and works of artists Dennis Flavin, Ruth Mordecai, Eileen Mueller, and Patti Sullivan.


Saturday, October 12th, 5pm

Ephemerality and Permanence

Gallery Director Matthew Swift offers remarks and leads discussion on ephemerality and permanence in the work of artists Pamela Ellis Hawkes and Zygmund Jankowski. Prepared remarks of 30–45 minutes will be followed by discussion and light refreshments. Additional works of art by Jankowski and Hawkes will be on display.

Live Art Series

Sarah Slifer Swift in front of `Three Witches' by Gabrielle Barzaghi (photo by Ziggy Hartfelder)

The Trident Live Art Series, curated by Sarah Slifer Swift, sponsors free performances in the gallery space, presenting talented artists whose work forges new dimensions of aesthetic experience. Live Art Series Performances are listed on this web site and announced in the gallery's Newsletter and social media.


Seating is limited for Live Art Series events. Guests may reserve seats by contacting the gallery at +1 (978) 491-7785 or by e-mail at, or by joining the corresponding Facebook event. Trident staff will respond promptly to all requests for reservations. Please claim reserved seats no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. If all seats are reserved, some standing room or floor seating may be available, depending on the nature of the performance.


Trident Gallery Director Matthew Swift may be reached at the gallery +1 (978) 491-7785 and At this time, the Director is not seeking new art for the gallery.


Trident Gallery is in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, on Main Street at the corner of Duncan Street (which becomes Pleasant Street as it crosses Main). Click here for a map and notes on nearby parking.


The MBTA Gloucester train station on the Rockport fork of the Newburyport/Rockport commuter rail from Boston is half a mile, a 10 minute walk from Trident Gallery according to Google Maps.

Come to Trident Gallery to experience
a sense of place,
the beauty of the land,
a vital community of artists
“living together allowing themselves time and place
for what they take it life is, preoccupation with itself,”

and the polis of Gloucester,
Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Gallery Hours commencing 29 January 2015 for the exhibition The Art of Natural History

Monday, Friday, Sunday 10am–5pm
Wednesday, Thursday 12pm–5pm
Saturday 10am–7pm
Tuesday and any other time by appointment

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† “art capital”: New York Times, 6 September 1925
† “distant rote [surf] in the granite teeth”: T. S. Eliot, The Dry Salvages in Four Quartets
† "living together...allow[ing] themselves": Charles Olson, Apollonius of Tyana